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You are facing excess inventory and stock
issues when you ....

  • Have a pile of stock in your warehouse due to unsold items, off-season stock, and slow-moving item
  • Your buyer refuses to pay for their order
  • Your buffer stock has accumulated over time and is still in good condition (Stock Surplus)
  • Your export leftover items are in significant quantity
  • You face bankruptcy and need to cash out your inventory
  • You must move to a new warehouse and must left some items
  • You have a shortage of space in your warehouse

We are here to help you!

As one of the leading inventory management solutions, we specialize in liquidating excess inventory - whether it’s a bankruptcy sale or simply of unsold goods Contact us to find solutions for sales or clearance sales, stock liquidations, excess inventory, etc. We are constantly looking for lots of stock for our wide range of products.

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Our Typical Supply Partner

If your business is one of the following, then you are our typical supplier partner :

Department Stores

Brands Distributors


E-Commerce Platforms

Product Maker

Lastoc mostly interested in stocklots of consumer goods, business goods, business assets, overproductions, bankruptcies, end of life products, commodities, lots, B-choice and much more.
Lastoc will manage to get rid of your excess inventory and sell it mainly to the US market and any other market. We unloaded in fast way of working in making an appointment, negotiating, making an offer, transporting the stock and evaluate the cooperation.

Your Benefit With Us

Brand Protection

Protecting our suppliers’ brand value & image is our key commitment. Therefore we thoroughly look into our partners’ requirements and restrictions and ensure full control of our sales points worldwide.

Fair Price

Our suppliers can expect transparent and fair pricing. Our goal is to achieve a win-win situation leading to long-term strategic partnerships.

Fast Processing

Our international team is available 24/7 to solve your problems as fast as possible. We have a deep understanding of the industry. Our optimized buying, logistics and warehouse processes ensure smooth cooperation with our suppliers.

Solution Driven Approach

Our proven experience derives from the cooperation with a wide network of partners in logistics, customs and retail. We offer consultancy and assistance with customs formalities, shipping, etc

How It Works


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Stock Reviewing

We will need time to evaluate the stock


Stock Offering

We will give our offering price


Placing Order

PO released and continue to the next part of Ordering Process

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