About Us

Lastoc is a platform that will connect businesses across the globe. Specifically, it runs to be the liaison between Southeast Asia and the US market.
We currently have two headquarters here in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Chicago, Illinois, USA. Within those extra miles, we want to build the bridge for you to distribute your best products.
With us, there is not any more gap between different cultures and policies. There is only a way out to escalate your business and fulfilling your needs.

Help SEA Business Expanding

One of our great missions is to bring business in Southeast Asia to the next level. Spreading the influence in US market will be no longer dream for your venture.
If you ever wonder to expand your business throughout the continents, but you do not know where to start. Or, you have potential buyers in America, but you are not certain about how to manage the prospect. Let us be there to offer solution for those needs.
We know that the SEA business has the potential to grow even further. With the greatest quality of products, reasonable prices, and many varieties of stuff, we believe that it will have a special place here, In the US market.

Fulfilling the Needs of the US market

If you grow a business in the US and try to find suppliers from Southeast Asia, we are here to help you find suitable partners.
We realize that finding the best resources from across the nations requires a lot of works to do. Research, quality control, and adapting the policy will be in line for you to solve.
However, here, in Lastoc, we want to simplify those lists with only one step: call us. We will find the best suppliers for your business because fulfilling US market needs will be our top priority.

All-in-One Service

We are more than a third-party company for your needs. We are here to manage everything in all sets.
Handling the necessity for both sides will be the first step. We will be there to guide you until you find the best solution.
Managing procurement, including making OEM solutions will be included in our service. We also are here to help you manage your inventory needs by excessing stocks from SEA manufacturers to the US market.
We understand that one of the problems that occurred in cross-border trade is the limited way for accounts receivable options. Thus, we are also here to fill the gap so that the transaction can be completed.

Experience-Oriented Partnership

One of the values we want to achieve is a long-term partnership. We believe it will help all the process easier for both parties.
That is why earning your trust is our company goal. We do not want to be only the distributor, but also the partner you can count on.
Honesty, loyalty, and openness are the commitments we strive to earn. But in the meantime, we are also striking up for innovation and efficiency to build this durable alliance.

Meet Our Founders

Meavita Lala, Lala, with 18 years of professional background mostly in the B2B market segment, leads the day-to-day operations of Lastoc, LLC including connecting to suppliers and partners in the USA and SEA.

Randall Caldwell, with over 25 years of experience in business especially corporate finance, M&A, conducts international businesses in Asian countries. Expert in penetrating the USA market. Expert in penetrating the USA market.

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