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LASTOC, as a company based on SEA that have a huge of product & natural resources and the US market is one of the largest consumer markets. We see this opportunity and could maximize the potential to help you:

  • To assist U.S Buyers in sourcing products from Southeast Asia particularly Indonesia, Vietnam, and soon Myanmar. Providing reliable supplier in every fields.
  • To facilitate SEA suppliers to expand their business to the US market. We ensure a safe and reliable channel of exporting the products to the US.

Our headquarters in Chicago, USA can help to assist our buyers and our office in Jakarta, Indonesia, to manage supplies from Southeast Asia.

Currently, we have more than 1000+ partners as suppliers in SEA countries and work for any fields, such as Garments, Footwear, Stationery, Sportswear, Kitchenware, Household, Furniture, Home Decoration, Sport Equipment, Toys, DIY, etc.

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Our Solutions

Source Partners in SEA:

We manage your procurement needs to get better quality products at reasonable prices, including making OEM Solutions for Asian products especially sourced from Indonesia, Vietnam, and soon Myanmar.

Inventory Management Solutions:

For both manufactures and buyers, we help you manage your inventory needs. We supply excess stock and inventory from manufactures in Indonesia and Vietnam, then distribute these products to the US market.

US Commercial Representative Partners:

We assist SEA suppliers to penetrate or expand into the US market. We understand the problems that arise when a manufacturer, brands, exporter, plans to expand your market to the US market.

Cross-Border Financing Solution

Strategic and creative solutions for accounts receivable option. We understand the problems that arise with cross-border trade. Therefore, we will bridge the gap so that transactions between US buyers and suppliers from SEA can be completed.

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Focus on what’s important.
Bring revenue at every step!

We only work with Southeast Asia reliable suppliers and trusted US corporate buyers. We guarantee Payment security, Quality management, and work with the best logistics providers.

Reliable 100%

Flexible 85%

Fast 85%

Secure Transaction 100%

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